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Our Services

Property sales

Megat and Partners Estate Limited may help clients to sell their properties, by conducting market research to determine a suitable price, marketing the property to potential buyers, negotiating with interested parties, and assisting with the legal aspects of the sale.

Property management

Megat and Partners Estate Limited may offer property management services, which involves overseeing the maintenance, rental and upkeep of a property on behalf of the owner. This may include arranging repairs, maintenance, cleaning, and security.

Property valuation

Megat and Partners Estate Limited may provide property valuation services, which involves determining the market value of a property based on its location, condition, and other factors.

Property purchase

Megat and Partners Estate Limited may help clients to purchase properties, by identifying suitable properties that match their needs and budget, arranging viewings, providing advice on financing options, and negotiating with sellers.

Real Estate Investment

A service provided by investment firms or real estate agents to help clients invest in real estate, such as identifying and evaluating investment opportunities, managing investments, and providing market insights and analysis.